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The Martin Tartan in plaid colours of green purple and gold. Colours that are found throughout the website.

Lad & Lass Digital

Providing Solutions for YYC

Interior Designers & Realtors

Marketing & Business


Lad & Lass Digital Consultants are niche Calgary digital marketing freelancers that partner with you to craft a seamless brand experience from awareness to warranty.

Though we can help any small business, we specialize in marketing solutions for interior design, contractors, & real estate professionals in the Calgary, Alberta area.

What We Do

Drawing a blank on what to post online? Don’t have the time to come up with something? Let’s save you the trouble.

Be Seen & Heard

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From your digital organization to your content creation, Lad & Lass can take care of the details that bring your clients in and keep them there. With years of administration, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Lad & Lass has a unique perspective that will help you focus your business and help you grow.

Grow Your Business

The Martin Tartan in plaid colours of green purple and gold. Colours that are found throughout the website.

We're a Calgary startup and small business just like you! We're ready to grow your business to grow ours. Learn more about our yarn (our story) by clicking the link below. 

Our Yarn: The Story of Lad & Lass

It takes one to know one. If you're a Calgary startup or small business, we'd be pleased to partner with you to grow your business!

Small Businesses

With a licensed real estate agent, Lorne Rempel on the team, we are well-versed in the Calgary real estate market and how best to reach prospective buyers and sellers.  

Real Estate

Calgary interior designers and general contractors are near and dear to our hearts. Our years of experience in this industry has given us a keen understanding what it takes to market to your design clients. 

Interior Design & Contractors

Industries Served

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Digital Strategy

Where should you tell your story? You could have the best product or service in the world, but it's all for naught if you don't find the right buyer. With digital strategy we make research-based decisions about where to place your message. You can't be all things to all people and you shouldn't try to be. Let's find your people! 


Once we know where to share your product, how do we make sure yours is the product that resonates with your buyer? It's all about the story! What makes you stand out from the crowd? Have you ever gone to see a comedian, and they had you laughing about the most mundane parts of life? That's good copywriting.  It's in how you tell the story. It's all in the punchline of that joke. Good copy gets your customers from being unaware and uninterested to curious and all in. 

Content Creation & Social Media Management

Attention spans are short. Whether digital, social, or print, you need visually striking imagery to capture your client’s attention.

You must then craft that stunning imagery into a compelling story that can be shared. 

Social media is here to stay and can’t be ignored or passed to a junior administrator. It’s a serious marketing channel that can make or break a brand impression. It’s your direct link to your prospects. We can manage your socials and ensure your brand presence remains strong in your community.

Our Relationships

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