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Our Yarn | Our Story

We’re living in a digital world and that’s made marketing accessible to the masses. That’s incredible isn’t it? It seems perfect until you start going through the gauntlet of options. After you’ve downed your 6th cup of coffee at 3 am you realize the amount of information available is overwhelming. Your time is valuable. It should be spent on your core capabilities. That’s why we’re here to help you with the marketing side. Helping small businesses is what we makes us tick. We handle those pesky details so you can focus on managing your business. We bring them in, you close the deal.

At Lad & Lass, we strive to create accessible, professional digital marketing content for small-to-medium businesses with a focus on interior design, construction, and real estate in Calgary, Alberta.

Drawing from their Scottish heritage, Lad & Lass Digital encompasses Lorne’s Martin tartan and slogan, “I am ready”. Our people are ready to assist clients with business organization, marketing strategy, digital marketing implementation, and content creation that is right for them – not anyone else.

Our Team

Britt Rempel


Creative Director

Britt is a coffee-loving creative with a passion for organization and brand management. In Britt’s armory, she holds a bachelor’s of management degree with a marketing major and years of entrepreneurship and business administration experience.

Britt’s holistic focus on all aspects of how a business functions makes for a unique marketing viewpoint. An added bonus for our interior design and construction clients is that Britt was a drafter in another life, and has a deep understanding of use of space.

In Britt’s free time, she enjoys creating art, rearranging furnishings for the 100th time and taking far too many photos. These hobbies have helped her professionally.

Britt, a light skinned female with long hair, stands knee deep in a mountain lake on Vancouver Island. It's a bit gloomy and overcast. The lake is surrounded by trees.

Lorne Rempel



Lorne is a bit of a silent partner at the moment, but he will be diligently working in the background. He has a technical background in utility parts and sales.

Lorne is on his way to obtaining his real estate license, and we’re looking forward to using our skills to help him sell homes soon!

Lorne is also a drone pilot and modeling geek with a flare for photography and videography. He is a staunch follower of all drone regulations and keeps L&L drones on the right flight path. His attention to detail is impeccable

Lorne, a light skinned man, stands hands clasped in front of him, in front of a canyon with a meandering river behind. It's a fall day and the colours are oranges, and greens. This is in Kananaskis country.

Our Approach

We're authentically us. When you come to us for help, we'll give you our honest opinion. A spoonful of sugar might make the medicine go down, but rest assured, we'll still offer that remedy because we believe it will improve your business. 

Our best scenario is a win for both of us. We're selective with our clients because we want to work with like-minded individuals who will allow us both to thrive.

You might be a fit for us if you'd like to work with people with a win-win mindset, see the value in what we offer, and enjoy a good giggle! 

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