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Digital Strategy

Where should you tell your story? You could have the best product or service in the world, but it's all for naught if you don't find the right buyer. With digital strategy we make research-based decisions about where to place your message. You can't be all things to all people and you shouldn't try to be.

Let's find your people! 

Strategy development could include some or all of the following:

Primary Research & Firsthand Data Analysis

  • Internal & Historical Data

  • Interviews & Focus Groups

Secondary Research Data Analysis

  • Industry Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • External Industry Interviews & Focus Groups

Develop a Marketing Strategy & Plan

  • SMART Goals & research will dictate the strategy and plan.

  • Brand Guide

Test the Market

  • Based on data, and sometimes intuition, we will test different marketing channels. 

Representing Strategy & Research - Hands typing on a computer with a blue coffee mug in the background.r
Representing copywriting - A hand holding a pen to a notebook as if to begin writing. Could they be starting to write a story?


Once we know where to share your product, how do we make sure yours is the product that resonates with your buyer? It's all about the story! What makes you stand out from the crowd? Have you ever gone to see a comedian, and they had you laughing about the most mundane parts of life? That's good copywriting.  It's in how you tell the story. It's all in the punchline of that joke. Good copy gets your customers from being unaware and uninterested to curious and all in. 


Copywriting is deceptively simple. Medium-to-long-form copy such as blogs, articles, newsletters, white papers,  and eBooks give more room to explain the theme and drive it home. Short-form copy must be quick and to the point.  

Essentially, the formula is this:

  1. Identify the pain point

  2. Dig into why it's a problem

  3. Give them a clear next step to solve it

What sorts of writing do you need help with?

Content Creation & Social Media Management

Attention spans are short. Whether digital, social, or print, you need visually striking imagery to capture your client’s attention.

You must then craft that stunning imagery into a compelling story that can be shared across your chosen marketing channels.

Social media is a legitimate marketing channel. It can’t be ignored or passed to a junior administrator. This channel can make or break your brand's impression. It’s your direct link to your prospects.


A website is a well-known business tool that can feel cold and unfeeling. Social media is where you become human, and connections are formed. Your audience feels like they know you.  We know that people buy from people they like. This is especially important in personal industries like interior design and real estate.


We can manage your socials and ensure your brand presence remains strong in your community.

Representing content creation - a laptop is open to the screen of a graphic design software.

Business Organization

Are your processes slowing you down? Are you still doing things by hand that could be automated or handled electronically?


It takes time to get your organization right, and it is an ongoing labour of love; however, prioritizing organization will save you a lot of headaches and business! Being organized and efficient creates the time required to devote to your clients to make them feel like they're your only focus. 


We can evaluate your needs and prepare a plan to improve your least efficient areas.

  • Process Analysis & Suggestions

  • Process Instruction Documents

  • Electronic Form Creation

  • Electronic Survey Creation

  • Software Suggestions

Representing busines organization - a bookcase or shelf filled with black binders with white labels and project numbers.

Client Stories

Acorn Design Inc. is an interior design firm specializing in large projects. They handle commercial office design, institutional design, healthcare design and the design of public spaces.

Acorn Design Inc. case study image. The image shows a screenshot of the Acorn Design website on a laptop and a phone.


Interior Design

Project Description

In 2021, Kirsten Janes of Acorn Design Inc. requested support to create a cohesive brand guide and a website that matched her strong sense of style and tone of voice as an experienced interior designer.

After preliminary discussions determining expectations, a brand guide was developed. A brand guide is a guiding light for everything to do with your brand. It can be anywhere from 2 to 40 pages. The more detailed the guide, the more firmly you can answer the question, “Is this on brand?” Sometimes, we get off track, and a brand guide can bring us home. It’s a living document and should be revisited every now and then.

  • Look & Feel: Logo usage, fonts, colours, & photo suggestions

  • Brand Tone of Voice: Background, words to use, words to avoid.


Utilizing a Squarespace website theme and some basic CSS code, we helped create a portfolio and contact website. Acorn Design Inc. often bids on healthcare and commercial projects requiring an extensive RFP process. The website’s role is there to offer SEO and a fan additional form of contact.


2021 to Present

Acorn Design Inc. is a current client, and the relationship continues to grow. Look out for more to come as we continue to strategize and expand!

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